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Candy 8,290 yen, 12,238 yen

Shop TABI-JI's original Tabi Shoes with pop and cute colors like candies. Leaving a few kohaze clasps open shows different stripe design inside – more fun and fashionable! There are 4 color options; why not get a pair in different colors with your family or friends and enjoy Tabi Shoes together?

19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 (cm)
Outer/Inner: cotton / Sole: natural rubber / Fastening: clasps (brass)
Watch how to wear Tabi Shoes
It is recommended to use a Tabi Shoes insole for wearers with a narrow foot width.


Item Name Item Code Price (incl. tax) Size

candy/ Peach

CANDY / Peach
キャンディ ピーチ
Ad-1201 12,238 yen

candy/ Peach/Kids

CANDY / Peach / Kids
キャンディ ピーチ キッズ
Ad-1201 8,290 yen

candy/ Apple

CANDY / Apple
キャンディ アップル
Ad-1202 12,238 yen

candy/ Apple/Kids

CANDY / Apple / Kids
キャンディ アップル キッズ
Ad-1202 8,290 yen

candy/ Soda

CANDY / Soda
キャンディ ソーダ
Ad-1203 12,238 yen

candy/ Soda/Kids

CANDY / Soda / Kids
キャンディ ソーダ キッズ
Ad-1203 8,290 yen

candy/ Remon

CANDY / Lemon
キャンディ レモン
Ad-1204 12,238 yen

candy/ Remon/Kids

CANDY / Lemon / Kids
キャンディ レモン キッズ
Ad-1204 8,290 yen

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