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KAMON 11,490 yen

Shop TABI-JI's original Tabi Shoes with sedate color and traditional Japanese Kamon, or family crest designs. This model of Tabi Shoes is more like a comfortable and light sport shoe. The sole can absorb impact on the feet and thus reduce strain. Slightly narrower shoe width.

24, 24.5, 25, 25.5, 26, 26.5, 27, 27.5, 28, 28.5(cm)
Outer/Inner: cotton, polyester / Sole: natural rubber, EVA / Fastening: clasps (brass)
Watch how to wear Tabi Shoes
It is recommended to use a Tabi Shoes insole for wearers with a narrow foot width.


Item Name Item Code Price (incl. tax) Size

家紋 ブラック × ダークブラウン

KAMON / Black × Dark Brown
家紋 ブラック × ダークブラウン
Ac-701 11,490 yen

KAMON/Dark red×Red

KAMON / Dark Red × Red
家紋 ダークレッド × レッド
Ac-702 11,490 yen

KAMON/Dark Blue × Blue

KAMON / Dark Blue × Blue
家紋 ダークブルー × ブルー
Ac-703 11,490 yen

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