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NIPPON TABI Clapping Sticks 1,162 yen

Shop TABI-JI's original “Nippon (Japan)” design socks. All manufacturing processes are done in Nara. Simple and modern stripe design represents Japanese clapping sticks lying side by side.

23-25cm (crew), 25-27cm (crew), 23-25cm (ankle), 25-27cm (ankle)
Cotton, nylon, polyester, others


Item Name Item Code Price (incl. tax) Size

NIPPON TABI/ Clapping Sticks/ Red

NIPPON TABI / Clapping Sticks / Red
NIPPON足袋 拍子木 レッド
Bc-501 1,162 yen

NIPPON TABI/ Clapping Sticks/ Purple

NIPPON TABI / Clapping Sticks / Purple
NIPPON足袋 拍子木 パープル
Bc-502 1,162 yen

NIPPON TABI/ Clapping Sticks/ Navy

NIPPON TABI / Clapping Sticks / Navy
NIPPON足袋 拍子木 ネイビー
Bc-503 1,162 yen

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