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NARA TABI Mt. Wakakusa 1,162 yen

Shop TABI-JI's original socks with one of Nara’s symbolic design: changing beautiful scenery of Mt. Wakakusa from day, in the evening and to the night. Both ankle (short) and crew (long) length are available. All manufacturing processes are done in Nara.

23-25cm (crew), 23-25cm (ankle), 25-27cm (crew), 25-27cm (ankle)
Cotton, nylon, polyester, others


Item Name Item Code Price (incl. tax) Size

NARA TABI/ Mt. Wakakusa/ Green

NARA TABI / Mt. Wakakusa / Green
奈良足袋 若草山 グリーン
Ba-1201 1,162 yen

NARA TABI/ Mt. Wakakusa/ Pink

NARA TABI / Mt. Wakakusa / Pink
奈良足袋 若草山 ピンク
Ba-1202 1,162 yen

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